The Word

  • Posted : 20/09/2017
  • Name: Marcus Smith
  • Subject: Thank you scan :)


" I was overcome with worry when I thought my order for a new Monitor might be postponed another week, Dipen Raval messaged me in regards to this and told me that I could have the the one on Display, although it took me a day to respond to this, I received a message from Adam Barnett, who was both patient, understanding and reassuring to my worries, he was even helpful enough to ask the repairs team to take another look at it, and have it delivered the following day.

To everyone who took part in making my request possible, and for not making me wait another week, I am absolutely grateful for everything you have done, thank you very much!

Dipen Raval, Adam Barnett, .

Yours Faithfully
Marcus Smith "