The Word

  • Posted : 24/10/2017
  • Name: David Law
  • Subject: Excellent service


" Good Morning,

I just wanted to say, since signing up with Scan last week i've placed two orders with you and had an excellent experience with both.

I couldn't believe how quickly my orders would arrive and how easy the whole process was.

However, I did want to say that when I placed my first order my credit card company blocked the transaction.

Obviously this isn't your fault but I did want to tell you because the reason they gave for blocking this order was because apparently they receive a lot of fraudulent transactions to ''.

You may already be aware of this and i'm not sure what you can do about this but i thought i'd put it in this message as this could be rather negative for your company image.

Either way I am glad i decided to proceed with my order and I will certainly be recommending you to everyone.

Best regards,
David "