The Word

  • Posted : 30/01/2018
  • Name: David Place
  • Subject: Delayed RMA


" Product was received by RMA team on 18th Jan. It is now 30th Jan and still haven't had it returned despite last time I spoke to adviser they said I would have it by today.
I cannot see dispatch status on the rma tracking page.
Appalling customer service! "

Scan's Action

" HI David,

Thank you for your feedback, I've tried to call you today but unfortunately you were unavailable. Please feel free to call me directly if you wish to discuss this further.

I'm sorry to read that you are unhappy with our service. I have read the live chats and notes on our system and we apologies for the mis-communication you have received. We do have different guidelines when dealing with all our marketplace platforms and this is why I can see the confusion has happened. As your original purchase was through the EBay platform, if a return is raised through EBay we can only ever offer a refund. As you haven't raised this prior to your contact to us, we shouldn't have only offered a refund to you. I have passed your feedback to our Live chat manager to review with the staff member in question and offer further training.

EVGA do encourage us to advise our customer to return any faulty item(s) directly to them as they now have a service centre based in the UK. However, we should never not offer an RMA to one of our customers, for this we apologise.

I can confirm that your item was tested NFF and this has been returned directly to you free of charge. This will be shipped tonight and will be with your tomorrow. Please check your emails for further confirmation.

Kind Regards
Team Scan "