The Word

  • Posted : 14/02/2018
  • Name: Ted Edwards
  • Subject: Excellent service


" I am 74 years old and have been a customer of Scan since its inception. In that time I have always found them to be a great store with good customer service but they have now passed that.
I ordered two of the latest Gigabit Homeplug 2-Port Passthrough Powerline Twin Pack from TP LINK and the next day realised that the TPLINK Gigabit Powerline twin pack with wireless 11ac existed.
I telephoned Scan with the intention of finding out if the two packs were definitely compatible and if so could they cancel one of the two and replace it with one of the wireless packs.
I spoke to Thomas and he spent the time to refer my question to one of the Scan buyers who confirmed they were compatible. Thomas then cancel one of the originally ordered packs and replaced it with the wireless pack.
Sounds simple, yes, and that was how it was dealt with by Thomas who stands out as one of the best salesman I have ever dealt with. He called me Sir, his tone never changed from being very polite and at no time did I feel anything but being considered special and some-one that was very important to the company.
I have, over the years, dealt with many big name High Street stores who started out treating customers as if they mattered and then slipped into a habit of treating the customers as if they were a pain to be endured. I am glad to say that Scan have fought against that and have always treated me as a customer who deserved respect. Thomas, however, exceeded that and as a result I asked to speak to his supervisor and told him what had happened and asked him to pass my thanks officially to Thomas.
I will continue being a customer of Scan and will happily carry on recommending them to our computer friends "