The Word

  • Posted : 14/04/2018
  • Name: Stephen Hill
  • Subject: Well done Scan!


" I recently gave into the urge and after much deliberation I upgraded my PC opting, as usual, to buy my new hardware from Scan. The upgrade consisted of an Intel X299 ATX motherboard, Intel Core-X 7820 CPU, 16GB DDR4 2600 RAM and a Samsung 1TB M2 SSD.

After installing and powering up the new system it was immediately obvious there was a fault, as the machine would unexpectedly drop out of Win 10 to a black screen and then perform a restart.

As you would expect, I swapped out all the components one by one with known-to-be-working components and convinced myself it was the motherboard. The Scan Tech Support team asked me to bring the items back and after testing they advised the CPU was faulty and duly replaced the faulty item.

But the problem persisted, so the next visit back to Scan resulted in the motherboard being replaced, but, would you believe it, the problem still persisted. By now I had no confidence in any of this new gear working and was rapidly losing heart. The professionalism of Scan prevailed in what was becoming a very traumatic time for me and, to show how much they value their customers they agreed to change all the items for new. I am now typing this feedback on the upgraded PC and just wanted to convey to you all, that despite everything that transpired in this catalogue of events, Scan have shone through and have gone up again in my appreciation.

I don't know about any of you, but with a business ethic like this I don't see how any of us could afford to go elsewhere for our PC hardware. Well done Scan! "