The Word

  • Posted : 19/05/2018
  • Name: Dan Holman
  • Subject: Amazing Team


" Hi All at Scan,

Just a big thanks for being really supportive last week when I left my purchased RAM in the store. Actually I let my 4 year old son look after it and he put it down somewhere! Still my mistake though.

Was originally served by Sam on Sat 12th May, who was really helpful on the desk. Visited on Mon 14th to see if RAM had turned up and spoke to Zak and Hirani who reassured they would ask around, look out for it and check CCTV if needed. Michael called me on Monday afternoon to advise it had been found. Brought some chocolates and a card in today (Sat 19th) as a thanks, spoke to Zak again and Val.

What a great team, many thanks!!

The recent purchased components (RAM, drive and Win 10) are for upgrades to my 3XS system (build 48349), still going strong. I've bought 4 of these historically (poss linked to different addresses) and will always buy 3XS. I work at Media City, Salford and always recommend Scan to people I work with.

Thanks again & enjoy the chocolates!

Dan, Dylan and Zac "