The Word

  • Posted : 13/06/2018
  • Name: Kamil Wasiak
  • Subject: Dead pixel


" Ordered a new laptop a few days ago. It arrived today and has a dead pixel on the screen. I've been told that it is not seen as a fault and that if I want to return this BRAND NEW laptop with a fault I will have to pay for it. What a joke, I will never order from Scan again. "

Scan's Action

" Thank you for your feedback,

I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our service, unfortunately we do have work within MSI the manufactures guidelines when accepting items back.

The MSI guidelines on pixels are :-

- 2 or more light pixels, more than 15mm apart from each other
- 5 or more dark pixels, more than 5mm apart
- 5 total dead pixels, dark or light

However from the pictures you have provided, it is unclear if there is one or two pixels (cluster) so on this occasion I will arrange a collection of the item. Once the goods are back here, our team can test this and deem whether it is classed as faulty or not.

Kind Regards
Team Scan "