The Word

  • Posted : 04/07/2018
  • Name: Vicky
  • Subject: 3xs support - Legendary


" Our system unfortunately stopped working, so we emailed for help (not being a cheap system, we were a little panicked!)
We didn't hear much for a couple of days, however as soon as we did hear back, they were very quick and efficient at sending us packaging to return the system and arranging the collection of it the following day.
No questions asked, they took it back and have kept us up to date throughout the whole process (which has been very quick also!) and I soon had an email requesting payment for the packaging which they had already advised would be chargeable.
I made the call, paid the bill and within 30 minutes, not only has it been through QC, but it's been despatched back to us!!!

I'm so happy with the service we have received and the gentleman I spoke to over the phone (for payment).
I can't fault a thing! I'm just so grateful for their help and willingness!

Honestly can't recommend these guys enough! "