The Word

  • Posted : 20/07/2018
  • Name: S Greenhill
  • Subject: Amazing 3xs machine


" I ordered a 3XS Vengeance and needed it urgently, these guys did not let me down, kept me informed all the way thru the process of how far things had gotten, including photos. The machine arrived on the right day first thing in the morning, after opening the box I was amazed at all the stuff that came with it, all the testing information, lots of spare cables and screws and things, manuals and even a mouse mat and coffee mug. It was like Christmas, now I am using the 3XS I have to say I am "blown away" with the power of this thing, going from 3FPS and lowest graphics possible for raiding to this monster piece of excellence at maximum graphics and standing at 120FPS during full raid fighting, raiding bliss is all I can say... oh and HUGE big thank you all at Scan. "