The Word

  • Posted : 05/10/2018
  • Name: Jim Usherwood
  • Subject: Top marks Scan


" Just about anyone can sell stuff on the internet, but what sorts out the good guys from the bad is when the inevitable problem occurs. In my case the courier company delivered to the wrong address and then when they finally retrieved it, lost it, found it and then delivered it it looked like they had been playing football with the parcel. Scan normally package stuff really well, but when not only is the box battered and ripped but all the air bags inside burst as well you know it has seen some serious damage.

I dread having to fill out the "Contact Us" form on websites, the inevitable long wait, you can never get back to the same person, you get passed round and round the office until you get the work experience bod who can't pass you anywhere else and so on but Scan were excellent. Olivia emailed me straight back and she even telephoned me a couple of times and once the damaged parcel turned up she arranged a replacement straight away on a next day am delivery.

Top marks Scan and Olivia. "