The Word

  • Posted : 08/12/2018
  • Name: Ionut Pritulescu
  • Subject: 3XS team are great!


" Ordered a 3xs system for Black Friday, with i7 8700k and RTX2070, that came a bit late but given the busy period of time it's understandable, plus every single deadline specified in the emails I got from Scan was respected.
The system is awesome. Guy who did the cable management is a pro and I'm a wireman by profession so I know what I'm saying. Every tie-wrap is perfectly placed.
Guy who did the packing did a fantastic job. Box was double wrapped in bubble wrap on the outside and fully wrapped on the inside as well, making any accidents close to impossible. Box was really big, too, further eliminating any possible bump during shipping.
Everything came in the box, except for the bundle of games I'm supposed to receive by e-mail. Still waiting on that but it's a non-issue.
My only 'issue' so to speak would be the poor choice in motherboard. A B360 paired with a K processor is pretty sub-optimal, so I would have put a Z board instead and lower the SSD from 500GB to 250GB to make up for price difference.
Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase and I will come again and recommend you.
One suggestion, during the busy times of the year you could use a bit more transparency on your website/facebook page about your delays. "