The Word

  • Posted : 14/12/2018
  • Name: Jason Blanchflower
  • Subject: Very friendly sales team


" I've been a SCAN customer since 97, I've purchased many things but I only get to buy a whole new system every few years, and today is that day :D
Phone was answered quickly, very friendly guy helped me through my shopping list which was I think considerable at just under £1800, he was very forthcoming with a couple of alternative parts for me where I hadn't got it quite right.
This resulted in actually reducing the bill by about £70, which was not only a nice bonus but just goes to show that this company are'nt out to fleece you, they give you the right information and provide the right parts as the priority, refreshing in today's market place.
Everything was in stock and my parts get delivered tomorrow (Saturday) and the rest of the family said they'll see me in about a week :D
Nice one SCAN, thanks again, as always. "