The Word

  • Posted : 25/02/2006
  • Name: Anonymous
  • Subject: Anonymous complaint about 3XS built system


" The Word From Scan Customer
Nature Of response: Complaint
Name: f**k u
Address: a house
a hill
never neverland
Telephone: 01745 999999
Email: ******

Customer Comment Details

I will never buy a pre built system again , i only got scan to build my pc because of the money i spent with them . Luckily i know computers and good thing because if this was my first computer i would have been knackered. it doesnt shut down , is unstable and thankyou scan for rebuilding my lack of trust in humanity "

Scan's Action

" Due to the nature and content of this feedback and the lack of any meaningful contact details, we are unable to track down this order. We have searched our database for any other queries or orders logged using from same IP address with no results. Consequently we cannot see any way in which we can help or even address this complaint.

As we have no facts to work with, it is impossible for us to pass any comment on the validity of this complaint or provide any explanation as to what has happened. However, what we can state as fact is that over the past few years we have been overwhelmed with exceptionally positive feedback, especially from 3XS customers. Taking this into consideration, along with a series of efficient, proactive and customer focused systems and procedures, we honestly find it difficult to comprehend a complaint which warrants this negative feedback of this nature.

Some companies may chose to disregard agressive or abusive comments like this but we would genuinely like to help this customer. He/she clearly has experienced some kind of frustration and we would very much like to be given a chance to resolve it. Our only chance of establishing some form of communication with this person is to post their comments openly on The Word page (with the abusive swear words censored out of course!) in the hope that the author might read this post and contact us.

We hope we can look forward to bringing about a positive outcome and we will keep you informed of any updates..

Watch this space...

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "