The Word

  • Posted : 11/06/2019
  • Name: Mark Howell
  • Subject: Order delays


" Ordered a new laptop on 7th June. Due for delivery 11th June. I had to chase the order because I had not seen a picking update and was told it would be delivered on time if they removed the loot box element from the order. No dispatch update. Rang again the morning of the delivery and was told that it was not shipped on time. Olivia assured me it would come tomorrow. Then got an email saying the website was wrong and the product was end of life and was not in stock and they could not get anymore. Rang up to see what could be done. They did offer a unit that had been sitting in the warehouse at a discount, but frankly have very little confidence on the whether this was a good idea. If that unit was there why was it not in the stock pool? Cancelled my order. Money can go elsewhere "

Scan's Action

" Good afternoon.

Thank you for your feedback.

I'd firstly like to apologise for the problems you have experienced with your recent order. This is certainly not our usual standard of service and we do appreciate that there is an issue here with a small number of display laptops which are not flagged correctly as discontinued.

We are in the process of generating a new area of our website to house any display, open box or grade B items which we hope to complete soon to prevent issues such as this from happening.

In the meantime we do our very best to try and ensure stock levels are kept up to date as possible but unfortunately on rare occasions these do slip through the net, as in this instance.

Kind regards,
Team Scan "