The Word

  • Posted : 01/03/2006
  • Name: Si Watts
  • Subject: Website Suggestion - new products page


" I use Scan regularly and regularly receive excellent service. My comment is one about the site though...

With a range as large as yours, it becomes increasingly difficult to find "new" products without going through near every page! Personally I haven't got time to go through every page so often end up missing newly added items.

Can we not have a Today Only *style* page detailing all new additions over the past 2-4 weeks in either a categorised group order or simply in reverse date order (newest at the top). I know I for one would find it a very useful facility.

Si Watts "

Scan's Action

" This is a great idea and something which is already in development at our end. We agree that new products should be made more prominent and easier to search for on the website and we think this would be a useful feature for our customers. Watch this space for developments!

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "