The Word

  • Posted : 09/09/2019
  • Name: Colin
  • Subject: 3xs awesome build


" I purchased a PC about 4 months ago from Scan. Because they were so busy the PC arrived substantially later than originally promised and for that reason i have held off on this review until now so that i can make a review based on prolonged satisfaction of the product rather than initial frustrations.

I purchased a custom build for approx £1650 great British pounds. It took around 3 weeks to arrive rather than the the initial week mentioned due to a busy period nearing the end of the tax year. Despite being longer than originally stated this is not an unrealistic time to wait for a custom build.

The product was packaged very well, with wrapping packed inside the case to ensure no items were moved and dislodged during shipping. Instructions were clear and documentation was vast which really gave a sense that the PC had a human touch IE - a person was assigned the job and it was his/her baby for the 3-4 days the build took. The company sent pictures of the products being used, updated the status of the build frequently and were quick to email any free gaming/product codes from the individually purchased components before the PC was even collected. The PC came with multiple additional items such as a mouse mat (Good quality corsair which i actually did end up using) and a cup (surprisingly i use that too....)

The build is clean; all parts accounted for with windows and graphics drivers being fully up to date at the time of collection and correct profiles selected in bios. This PC also came with a backup/reset USB drive neatly located inside the case should the worst happen. The PC is lightening fast, with minimum bloatware and to this day astoundingly quiet. Due to its clean build and fair usage/non bespoke properties it will make for easy upgrading later down the line. Buying from a smaller company like Scan rather than Alienware or HP for example ensures a more tailor made build experience rather than the mass produced feel you can often get with pre-builts.

I tested the PC with standard issue software stress tests and with relatively basic cooling; the CPU and GPU performed flawlessly and stable with very comfortable heat peaks; this was reflected in the stress testing log that came with the PC, which was also a nice touch.

I would recommend a custom build from Scan. "