The Word

  • Posted : 30/09/2019
  • Name: Chris King
  • Subject: Very impressed, system and support


" Bought a high end i9 DAW system desktop from scan after many many emails back and forth with Peter Gardner who was exceptionally quick to respond and had huge depth of knowledge. The computer arrived after a couple of weeks as I believe their building department were very busy in the run up to Black Friday (could be something to look at). The computer arrived with the OS installed on the larger of the two disks I ordered which is not what I had ordered (maybe something to do with the web ordering system) Anyway I had to re-install windows on the smaller disk. Peter was amazing at guiding me through all the steps and was very helpful. I now have the system up and running and it is great. I have to say Scan have very helpful customer support. Very impressed by how quickly Peter replied to emails. He is someone Scan should hold onto. Having real expert like that is very important for a company selling these systems. Either way I would not hesitate to recommend scan. Problems will always occur when computers are concerned, but Scan's post sales customer service means I will definitely buy from them again. "