The Word

  • Posted : 11/06/2020
  • Name: Samual Locklin-Wood
  • Subject: 3XS - Brilliant service


" So I have been using scan now for about 7 years since I started getting in building my PCs for gaming and now for uni/work. During this time I've always received my parts on time, well packaged and never with any issues, but what prompted this review was an order for a prebuilt 3XS laptop.

I pre ordered the laptop with an unknown ETA, given the current COVID situation I expected a fair wait, to my surprise within a couple of days I received an email with an expected delivery from their supplier, somewhat expectedly this was missed but I got another email with another date that was also missed. The next email I got was to inform me that due to the unexpected lead time that my order had been upgraded for free with a new expected time and expected delivery time. Again to my surprise, the laptop is being delivered sooner.

For me, that is really what sets this company from others, where they could have done nothing and blamed the unprecedented times, without me chasing the order they were completely transparent with what was happening and took steps to get my order to me quickly.

Further to this, build tracking not only gives plenty of information but also has pictures of the build including screenshots to show the additional parts have been installed and everything is working. "