The Word

  • Posted : 12/12/2020
  • Name: Caroline Dee
  • Subject: Great customer service


" So I ordered a 3xs system, a bundle that said it was in stock and Scan gave me an estimated delivery date. Then I came on here and read the reviews and panicked about this company being a scam, so I cancelled, thinking I would be losing £1300 over Christmas and be without the PC that I ordered at a good price. I couldn't get through on the live-chat, had the issue with being 99 in the queue, but I did manage to sit on hold for about 30 minutes and get through to an E Kirkham (that is who sent me the email immediately for my cancellation). The full money was refunded on the 10th (I cancelled the order on the 8th). I have to say that I was stressed about the refund but the process was very simple, there was no dispute about cancelling, it was cancelled and money returned as immediately as it could be through a banking system that is out of Scan (or my) control. I can't help feeling bad cancelling the order (I am not in any rush for a new PC) but it shows the power of negative reviews. I would order from Scan again, I see no problem whatsoever with their company, just stock issues and difficulties. Anyone shouting that they are a Scam, well you are wrong. I think that is important for people to know, so they don't overly worry like I did. "