The Word

  • Posted : 09/04/2021
  • Name: Paul Jelfs
  • Subject: 3xs Amazing system


" My main audio production system had to come back to scan, due to multiple failures.

I am really impressed by how well the 3xs team , and in Particular Pete Gardner, worked with me to solve the issues.

Despite Multiple failures initially, Pete worked tirelessly with the rest of the 3xs team to help get back my Audio system that is needed for my postgraduate degree music studies.

Everyone has been friendly and helpful, though I want to stress how excellent Pete G has been on keeping me informed, fixing all sorts of issues that came up, and his exceptional knowledge of audio and PCs has been so important to me, and many other Music composers / Producers.

Furthermore , Pete has supported me remotely with my 3xs system over the Past 18 months, and his expertise has been crucial to my studio and setup .

I have previously dealt with many other Audio PC sellers before settling on SCAN 3xs. And the difference is the Knowledge and expertise from Pete that means I am happy going forward, knowing should any issues arrive , they can be mostly sorted remotely.

Furthermore, Petes articles in Sound on Sound and on the SCAN Pro info are vital to me and MANY other composers on VI Control, Gear-S####Z and other audio forums.

I think I speak for the community when I say Petes advice is a crucial factor in deciding upon which audio PC, and also is a huge reason so many composers choose to go with SCAN 3xs.

Everyone else at 3xs and the team have been really helpful and pleasant through out, doing their best to get my system fixed.

I will say the only negative part of my experience, is due to some communication issues - I feel this is probably due to the way notes are handled themselves, rather than a fault of anyone on the phone lines or live chat -

Sometimes during the long repair, messages from myself that I had asked to be passed on , did not seem to make it , or I found myself being asked for a decision that I had already made a couple of days previously and asked to be put on file.

I do think if the information channels and the way the notes are stored on Customer Repairs are updated , It could help make returns quicker, and get the customer their PC back sooner. Once again, I was lucky that Pete keep me informed when these incidents did Occur, and was able to quickly remedy any mis communication etc.

So overall the Experience has been Excellent , with just a tiny mark against the way the notes and sometimes the communication about what is happening, could be improved, to help get the customer their PC back sooner.

Once again, I have no reason to recommend Pete , but I have to mention how excellent he has been during this whole process, and hope the powers that be at SCAN and 3XS recognise the talent and ability of him as an employee ;

Hopefully me and the music composing community will see more of Pete's testing and knowledge going forward, as I think that is one of Scans and thus 3XS, strongest UPS.

Best Regards

PJ "