The Word

  • Posted : 07/07/2021
  • Name: Maurice Barlow
  • Subject: Excellent high quality audio Pc


" Just had a new Audio PC delivered for my son.

Intel Core i9, 1tb Samsung Evo 970 M2, 2tb HDD, 32 gb RAM, Fractal Define 7 Case. 750 watt psu.

Scan are very busy, so there was quite a long lead time from ordering. But, the PC itself is excellent. High quality case, very nicely built and very neat and tidy inside. Ordered it without software, so have spent a fun afternoon cloning an old HDD onto the M2 and updating all the drivers etc. My son is over the moon with it as it is a massive improvement on his old system. My scan PC from about 5 yrs ago is still running beautifully, so I was confident in ordering from them again.

The new system is monstering through his DAW software (Ableton 10) and barely breaking a sweat, so he is a very happy boy and is looking forward to making lots of music.

Very happy to recommend this to any home music makers. "