The Word

  • Posted : 02/08/2021
  • Name: Andy Elliott
  • Subject: Absolutely recommend


" Ordered a 3XS custom build over the phone with Sales and found the team very helpful. It was easy I had to select all my parts and add them into my Scan account wishlist. I was advised once they had my wishlist and confirmed my component selection I would receive an invoice by email the next day. I was happy with the price I received and phoned them the next day to pay via credit card. They were honest and said the build could take a couple of months due to the high demand of CPU/GPU's especially the ASUS STRIX NVIDIA RTX 3080.

I could keep track of the whole build on their website and received the PC only a week past due date. I could see photos of the finished build and knew what I would be receiving before shipping which was a very nice touch. I still had anxiety about the risk it could be damaged during transit across the UK but it was fine when it arrived all packaged extremely well with lots of expansion bags and bubble wrap. They had done a great job everything worked perfectly out the box, wiring management and component placement was perfect and the PC thankfully was not loaded full of bloatware just some benchmarking software. I would absolutely recommend Scan to anyone who wants a premium custom gaming PC. "