The Word

  • Posted : 07/04/2022
  • Name: Richard Payne
  • Subject: Quick and easy returns process


" I ordered a set of 2 x 8GB RAM modules and unfortunately one of them was defective. When I contacted the returns department, I was quickly led through the process of returning the RAM for testing and replacement. The RAM was sent back and arrived at SCAN on Tuesday 5th April. I spoke with the returns department again and was informed of the procedure for testing and that it could take up to 2 working days before replacement could take place. Imagine my delight to be informed via email that the RAM had indeed been tested as defective. Imagine also my delight to get a parcel this morning (Thursday 7th April) with the replacement RAM modules.

My PC is now humming along with double the RAM that it had when I woke up!

In all communication with staff I felt informed and treated with respect.

Well done all and Thank You!! "