The Word

  • Posted : 14/04/2004
  • Name: Andy Gavin
  • Subject: Website suggestions - stock levels & Account Management section


" Great website re-design ! It's so easy to find what you need now with the new filters, and look/feel. Blows Dabs/Insight out of the water, you can spend ages looking for the right part on their site.

Your Customer Service Team are also incredibly helpful and friendly, a pleasure to do business with. I'll be back !

A couple of tips for your next website updgrade:

1. It would be great to see stock levels before purchasing actually as a column in the product list AND in your shopping basket. It' gets a bit tedious having to open each item.
2. Account Management after purchase could be a little more informative. I.E. a breakdown of each part on your order with it's current status. This would have saved me having to call up and ask why my order hasn't been picked yet. (only 1 item is out of stock)

Other than that, sterling job! Keep it up. cya

Andy Gavin "

Scan's Action

" Both of these suggestions were acted on by us since recieving feedback such as Mr Gavin's. We implemented the "My Account" section and we added stock indicators to the product listing pages so you can what's in stock at a glance.

We'd like to thank Mr Gavin for his feedback. :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "