The Word

  • Posted : 26/09/2004
  • Name: Richard Nicholls
  • Subject: Website suggestions


" The site is very well designed and easy to use. The only niggle I have with the site is that once an order has been placed (I purchased a new PC today from you) there are no options to review your orders. Check out the Amazon website, they have that feature and it is so useful.

Also, I would suggest that the order is e-mailed to the purchaser for them to have a copy.

Other than that this is a very well thought out site that is easy to navigate.

Richard Nicholls "

Scan's Action

" Based on customer feedback such as Mr Nicholls, we implemented the "My Account" section, which allows you to view previous orders and manage your account details online. We appreciate that some other companies have a facility to review / amend orders online too, but we prefer the more personal touch! We have a dedicated call centre and we invite our customers to just give us a call or drop us an online query if they wish to make changes to their order. We're always here to help and we promise to get back to you quickly.

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "