The Word

  • Posted : 16/06/2005
  • Name: Teresa Reid
  • Subject: Shuttle


" Hello,

I would like to return one item from this order, which due to the reasons below I insist that you arrange for it to be collected and the card used for payment to be credited with the purchase amount, £253.80.

It was advertised as a SN95G5 V3, and what I received was a SN95G5 V2 which also has a fault (I cannot successfully shutdown and boot the box!!!)

Are scan aware that you are wrongly advertising products?

I will point out two itemns in the sales terms:
f) Guarantees and after sales service
* We guarantee that the goods will correspond with the stated description and specification.

This is not true as the item I received does not match the V3 specification!

I expect to hear from you shortly to arrange a date for collection "

Scan's Action

" Upon receiving this message we realised that there was obviously a problem with our stock. We imediately took the items from sale until the issue could be resolved. After looking into this problem in more detail it came to our attention that we had infact received the V2 model instead of the version 3.

At this point I spoke to the customer and arranged for the the item to be picked up and refunded without delay. Once we have the version 3 model in stock i will contact this customer and inform them of this.

This is the cusotmer reply

"Many thanks for processing this so quickly." "