The Word

  • Posted : 10/06/2005
  • Name: Olie Smith
  • Subject: Cpu, bent pins


" Hi.

I received my package yesterday, not very happy!

- Motherboard box was in poor condition
- Heatsink for the HDD was jammed over the top of the WRONG side of the HDD and ontop of the static bag, proved difficult to break away from the HDD
- CPU pin BENT

Not bothered about the first 2 points, just gripes more than anything, but a CPU bent pin isn't acceptable.

I have had success in the past when I've had bent pins and I've bent them back. I did ideally want my system up and running this weekend (have more parts coming from you guys hopefully today).

I think you should revise how you package your OEM CPU's as I think the pink foam you use is too dense or isn't dense enough!!! Either the pin has bent with someone closing the tight black box and the pin being caught or there was too much movement in the box. The box was VERY bubble wrapped, so that wasn't an issue.

Please get back to me ASAP - was waiting on hold for 10 minutes and couldn't wait any longer. Hope this is just as efficient as ringing you.

Please advise.

Thanks. "

Scan's Action

" After reading this mail we contact the customer immediately. We firstly apologised then offered the customer various solutions. We gave him the option of the cpu being collected and replaced or him trying to straighten the cpu on the understanding that if it did not work it would still be covered under warranty. The customer choose the latter option and bent the cpu pin back into place. The customer tested the cpu and confirmed that it was working perfectly and was very happy with the outcome.

Below is the customers reply

"Everything seems fine, system running stable @ 2.2ghz (250htt). Not overclocking great at the moment think maybe due to the memory or just some settings I've overlooked. Processor pin bent back successfully and seems to be fine!

Cheers Wesley. Thanks for the courtesy e-mail.

Saved time and money! :)" "