The Word

  • Posted : 29/03/2006
  • Name: Aaron Hanthorn
  • Subject: 3XS system problem


" Thanks very much Ben,

I unpacked my new PC this morning and am very pleased with the quality of workmanship throughout, from placing the order, to receiving my new system. The build quality looks superb and I will be highly recommending Scan to my
colleges and friends.

I have however one concern. When I booted up my PC this morning I got an error message telling me my CPU fan was not working properly. I then took the side off to have a look in and indeed it was not spinning. I subsequently
restarted the syetem twice and on the third time it worked. I then powered down the systen to place it in the workstation. When I rebooted again it did the same
thing. "CPU fan not working properly" I hit the reset button and it worked
OK. How do I resolve this issue??

Regards Aaron Hanthorn "

Scan's Action

" Disable Q-fan option in the bios, customer using Zalman heatsink which runs quiet.

Customers reply email after asking if this has resolved the issue," Yes, thanks for all your help. Another very satisfied customer". "