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  • Posted : 16/06/2005
  • Name: Andrew Atkinson
  • Subject: price problem


" hi recently purchased "256MB Gainward GF 6800GT PP (6039) U/2400 *Golden Sample* + Doom 3 Full Version Bundle" but then i found out that it was in the shop specials, the exact same product, just for a lower price. As i brought the same product shouldnt i get the cheaper price. the difference is only 4 pounds but i was still a bit miffed..


Andrew "

Scan's Action

" Upon reading this we were surprised that this had happened and after looking into this further it became apparent that the there had been a system problem. The customer was apologised to and refunded the difference.

Below is the customers e-mail

"Thank you very much even though it is a very small amount.

Regards" "