The Word

  • Posted : 19/04/2006
  • Name: Peter Coyle
  • Subject: Extremely poor delivery service.


" Extremely poor delivery service.

£7 charge, for a 7 day delivery (and counting). Granted it's more like 3-4 working days, this is still unbelievably poor, especially when you charge more for carriage than your competitors.

Ultimately a bad consumer experience, that I will not be looking to repeat, by ordering anything else from Scan. "

Scan's Action

" We do thank Peter for taking the time to send us his feedback and we have carefully checked all the facts on his order to see which area we have let him down and where we can take note to improve in the future.

The Estimated Despatch Date given at the point of ordering was Thursday 13th April. On the website we had a note which let all our customers know that all orders despatched on Thursday 13th would be delivered on Tuesday 18th, due to the Easter weekend. This was Citylink's next working day.

We did in fact despatch Peter's order on 13th April and we sent him emails and text messages to confirm this. Citylink tried to deliver @ 17:20 on Tuesday 18th as scheduled but unfortunately no-one was in at the address given so they had to take the parcel back to the depot. The delivery was then rearranged and arrived on 21st April.

Whilst we respect Peter's opinions, we honestly cannot see where a disservice has occured in this case. I could certainly understand his dissatisfaction if we had set his expectations unfairly high and then disappointed him by not meeting them. However to be fair, we did exactly as we said we would and in fact the only delay in the process was as a result of no-one being available at the address given.

Peter is correct when he says that his order arrived only 7 days after being placed. However, we would implore him to consider that when you look at the facts in more details, the actual reason for this turnaround was not through any mistake or disservice on our part - it is more just the unfortunate result of the difficulties most mail order companies experience when shipping by courier during Easter bank holiday weekends.

We hope that we have not lost Peter's custom and that he is able to give us another chance in the future. :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager

Post Update by Scan 25/04/06:

Having seen this post on our website Peter has been back in contact with us to discuss it further. He has now informed us that he believes Citylink's parcel tracking information to be wrong, as he did wait in on Tuesday 18th but no card was left.

In the interests of customer service and bringing about an amicable conclusion to this query, we have decided to issue Peter with a goodwill free carriage as a mark of our appreciation for his patience despite the disappointments and we hope to look forward to his custom again in the future. :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "