The Word

  • Posted : 16/05/2006
  • Name: Niall Morris
  • Subject: "What about a retro section on the website?"


" Just wanted to thank you folks at Scan for all the splendid work you do. Absolutely amazing customer support and the prices speak for themselves. The delivery times are outstanding as are the selection of parts (hmm, what about a 'retro' section? Tho that may mean 2nd hand, but would be good to be able to replace parts on an old machine, good for old games an such).

Anyway, will always recomend to you to friends and anyone needing new stuff....keep it up.....uber-points for you all. "

Scan's Action

" Great feedback here from Niall and a suggestion that we've been thinking about implementing for a while now. Many customers have suggested over the years that we start advertising and selling Grade B / discontinued stock. We are now working on the logistics of this which may take us some time but watch this space for developments - we are working on it.

Thanks again to Niall for his kind and thoughtful comments! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "