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  • Posted : 18/05/2006
  • Name: Euri George
  • Subject: Include LN numbers in our correspondence.


" just a general suggestion:

it will be extremely helpful if in all your invoice and order correspondence you included the scan item number for each item, ie LN----. I appreciate that these change - you can write a warning footnote - but its extremely helpful at least for a while: As there are many compatibility issues between hardware and also very smal l differencces between items, but sometimes crucial for customers, it makes it easier for them to keep track of what they bought in the past and worked for them, and want to order it again. IE: many different types of fans that look and are discribed as almost the same, enclosures with minor differences, RAM dimms and so on. Many times the description and serial no are not enough to distinguish items from past orders. That would save a lot of time in calls to your technical support team as well. It will be extremely helpful - from a customer's point of view to backtrack from previous orders from emails, so they can reorder items, or avoid ordering again items that have not worked for them in the past. Maybe devise a system where all products have a unique item number for ever and state it in the correspondence. Otherwise your service is excellent

euri george "

Scan's Action

" *******Update to msg 22nd June 2006*********

Just a quick note to let all our customers know that we have now updated the website so that it includes LN numbers in your My Account section. We hope this helps and thanks again for the feedback! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager


Many thanks to Euri for his feedback - some great points there. We agree that sometimes a seemingly small change to a procedure / design can make a considerable difference to it's efficiency and ease of use. In light of feedback such as Euri's we have recently started including LN numbers on invoice print outs which we include in our deliveries. We will work on including LN numbers in your My Account order history pages too which means you will always be able to see which LN number you ordered at the time, even if you lose the invoice.

It's true to say that very occasionally we will reuse an LN number to allocate to a different product but we would normally do this only if the original product attached to that LN had been discontinued for a while. Due to the nature of the IT industry, most products have a short shelf life, and we're constantly buying in 1000's of new product lines / discontinuing old products so as to keep on top of the latest technology. If we never reused an LN then the number would become very long after just a short space of time. LN numbers are there as a quick reference to help our customers and our staff and they work better when they're only 4 or 5 characters long.

With this in mind it's important to bear in mind that an LN number which you read off an invoice from months or years ago might not necessarily relate to the same product any more. Also bear in mind that when we get newer revisions and batches in for a particular product line / model number, we would also update our advertising to reflect any changes in spec.

In short, we recommend you still check the current advertising / spec sheet and cross reference the LN number you're ordering with the product description, just to prevent any confusions or disappointments.

Thanks again to Euri for taking the time out to contact us with his suggestions - watch this space for developments! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "