The Word

  • Posted : 26/05/2006
  • Name: Stuart McCreadie
  • Subject: Finance orders do not show up on My Account


" Having ordered the bulk of my new system from scan (everything apart from the case!) I just thought it fair to write and let you all know how pleased I am with everything. My order was paid for using the finance option, once that was all sorted out I was sailing. Some of the items I wanted were out of stock but it was no hassle phoning up and changing my order, the sales team were on the ball and very pleasing to deal with. I had to sadly return one of my hard drives but even this process was painless and I had my replacement item very quickly. Throughout the normal ordering and also the return processes I was kept upto date with loads of emails, and knew that if I had to call Scan I would be dealt with professionally.

The only comment (not a complaint) is that my order being paid for on finance does not show up in the previous orders area in the my account section. Having spent nearly £1600 on the various components from Scan it would be nice to keep track of my order along side my previous purchases.

Over all I'm more than pleased with Scan and also the staff I had the pleasure of talking to throughout the ordering and returns processes. I have bought items from Scan before and I will continue to make Scan my first and quite possibly my only port of call for computer components.

Thank you all at scan, Keep up the good work.

Stuart McCreadie "

Scan's Action

" We would like to say a warm thank you to Stuart for such a lovely email. It's feedback like this which really pushes us to strive for even better levels of service and make all our efforts absolutely worth while. Of course it also puts a smile on our faces! :)

Stuarts suggestion for the My Account section is a very good one. Now it's brought to our attention we'll try to get to the bottom of why it doesnt seem to be displaying previous finance orders and fix the problem.

Again thanks for the great feedback Stuart!

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "