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  • Posted : 26/06/2006
  • Name: Nick Jackson
  • Subject: Suggestions regarding finance pages & mandatory address fields


" 3 years ago Scan service was so poor that around the office you were called Scam. What a change. Just ordered a Dell monitor, rang for sales advice (could not find the apply for finance button), assisted by a chap called Phillip who gave me a direct line for further queries. When I got stuck, he rang right back after leaving a voice mail and reversed the transaction. How different to before when I can remember screaming at service operators because they just did not respond.

A few suggestions mind you:

1) Please consider removing the mandatory address lines 2-4 - I had to enter my house name 4 times just to get past the barrier.
2) Please consider a 'no' button at the end of the finance agreement page - I would have liked the option to reverse the credit card deposit transaction having then found out that I did not agree to the finance terms and conditions.

if the delivery service matches the pre-sales - I will be back for life.

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Phillip "

Scan's Action

" First of all we'd like to say thanks to Nick for his nice comments and most of all for standing by us over the years. It means a lot to us that he came back to us and gave us a chance to improve. We're chuffed to see he was pleasantly surprised with his recent order and we hope it's a reflection of all the hard work we've put in over the last few years to focus on our service.

There's no doubt that in the past we have had our problems but we think the main thing is the way you deal with them. We believe it's important for any company to be humble and mature enough to take criticism on the chin and learn from it, which is a philosophy we've had for many years. Ironically it's often been the problems which have made us stronger and more customer focused as the years have gone by and we intend never to let that focus slip.

With regards to Nick's suggestions, we do appreciate where he is coming from and we will act on his feedback. We'll look to amend the address fields so that lines 2-4 are no longer mandatory. We'll also speak with our finance company and see if there is some way we can have an extra option to "discontinue and chose another payment method" after you have already gone through the finance pages. If not we'll try to make the process better explained at the point of selecting that option (with a particular mention of V12's admin fee)

Once again, thanks to Nick for his support over the years and for taking the time out to contact us with his feedback. Watch this space for developments! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "