The Word

  • Posted : 22/06/2006
  • Name: Alexander Beedie
  • Subject: Spelling mistakes on 3XS page


" Your webpage "Why Buy Built", at this address: is absolutely *riddled* with massive spelling and grammar errors. Just thought i'd point a few out so you can correct it and improve the professional appearance a bit...

"if you want experience the frustration of fault finding and anticipate the feeling ritcheousness for enduring the patience" -- so alien and bizarre is this grammar that it wouldn't look out of place on, plus it has the added bonus of an entirely unique spelling of the word 'righteousness'...
"Our advise to you" should be "Our advice to you"
2nd sentence - "its" should be " it's"

and... well.

At this point i'm going to stop correcting it, because I simply cannot shake the feeling that it is a spoof of some kind, and has been translated by babelfish from the original chinese, or some other imaginative and entirely unexpected method.

I suggest you take a look and sort it out... It's unintentionally hilarious ;-)


-Alex "

Scan's Action

" We must admit it was rather embarassing to read the feedback from Alex but in the spirit of honesty we have still posted his comments as they are of course very valid! :)

We've grown massively over the years and we now have hundreds of staff working here but we still have our family mentality. In the spirit of this we've always encouraged contributions and ideas for content of the website from all our staff members. As I understand it, a member of staff contributed to this page but it looks like our web team accidentally posted the "draft version" rather than the "proof-read and polished final version"!

It goes without saying that now we're aware of it the page has been amended and we've also scoured the rest of our website with eagle eyes to make sure everything else is grammatically sound! However if anyone else spots any silly typo's in the future please let us know and we will of course rectify it immediately.

Thanks once again to Alex for bring this to our attention and for his understanding. :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "