The Word

  • Posted : 13/08/2005
  • Name: Mr Hill
  • Subject: Wrongly Advertised Motherboard


" Hey folks,

I have recently brought a motherboard, among many other items, with the express interest of using the firewire connection for my Ipod - A firewire connection that does not exist. Obviously, without a firewire connection I have no means of charging my Ipod or updating tracks from Itunes software on my system, to my Ipod. This is a horrific situation for me as I currently have a blank Ipod and therefore a useless Ipod. I brought this particular motherboard because it clearly states on your website that it has an IEEE1394 port... To my horror IT HAS NOT!

Please contact me as soon as possible to advise me of how this issue will be resolved. I have now been without music for quite some time and am desperate to get things sorted out. Equally, if you decide to send me a firewire PCI card, please do not flog on some cheapy rubbish. I have spent a large amount on this particular system, and also, as I've spent in excess of £14,000 through my personal and business account over the years, I think that I would be an appreciated customer and would hope you treat me as such.

Have a nice weekend people,

Richard Hill
A long-term loyal customer and system builder for over 6 years. "

Scan's Action

" Upon reading Mr Hill's comments and having compared the batches of stock we recieved from our suppliers, we discovered that an error had occured in our advertising and the firewire option is only applicable on the deluxe model of this board. We amended our website immediately to correctly reflect our stock and offered Mr Hill the following options to resolve the issue:

1. Collection, return and full refund of the product.
2. Discount of £10.00 + 1x free of charge LN2576 FireWire PCI 4 Port Card, as a gesture of appreciation if Mr Hills was willing to keep the board he had recieved.

Mr Hill requested that we consider a third option, which was to ship a free of charge firewire card and another product he required for his system. We agreed and arranged this for him which resulted in a positive and amicable conclusion to this query. We were very pleased to recieve this last email from him:

Gotta love you Dawn - Thanks for your help!
" "