The Word

  • Posted : 10/08/2005
  • Name: Simon Jago
  • Subject: Missing games


" Email sent 10/08/05 @ 12.21pm:

Dear Sir / Madam,

The order received yesterday was not as described on your website. When deciding between and I decided to pay more to get a better suite of games with the graphics card. I was looking forward to receiving 3 games I didn't have, specifically X2 the Threat, Commandos 3 and Moto GP2 as describe on your website (your ref LN8229). However it appears I have paid more only to get a package actually worse in my view than the offering from - only one game was included - Far Cry (Not in fact Doom 3 as described on the invoice), both which I already have anyway.

To avoid a collection and full refund, can I suggest the following options which I'd be happy with:

1) A refund to my credit card of the difference between what I paid to, and what I would have paid had I known the packages were in fact identical. Including VAT and standard shipping Ebuyer would have cost £206.14 making a difference to refund of £19.46 - see (quick find 73368).

2) The same amount as a credit on my account to spend on other things, plus a £7+VAT delivery credit.

3) If the games advertised with the product are available in your warehouse, a straight swap with the game I have here via post.


Simon. "

Scan's Action

" Neil in Customer Services investigated and discovered that within the batch of cards we had recieved from suppliers, some of them did not include the games we had expected them to. We quickly inspected the batch, quarantined the incorrect stock to prevent any further problems and by 3pm that day we had been able to despatch to Mr Jago Commandos 3, Moto GP and The Threat 2. This brought about a swift and positive conclusion to the issue, and Mr Jago's reply was:

Hi Neil,
That's great - thanks very much for the speedy help.
Kind Regards,
" "