The Word

  • Posted : 18/08/2006
  • Name: Dan Climas
  • Subject: Auto emails don't work for finance orders


" Hi,

I have ordered some components from you, and I paid using your V12 finance option. I recieved the confirmation from V12 that they had received my signed forms. (On the 12th). The next thing I new, from phoning yourselves on Friday the 18th was that it will be delivered today.

I am not complaining about the service at all, but it would have been nice to have an email or something from you to let me know that stuff was coming. I have ordered stuff befor eon my card, and was used to getting the 4 emails as the purchase goes through your system.

I am very pleased, but is there any chance of including these orders into the system?

That said - great work, and I will be buying from you again.


Dan "

Scan's Action

" We're glad to hear that Dan was happy with all other aspects of our service and we will look into this issue where our automated emails seem not to be working correctly for finance orders. If there is a problem with our system we will fix it.

Thanks for the feedback and nice comments! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "