The Word

  • Posted : 19/08/2006
  • Name: Stuart Daniels
  • Subject: Would be helpful to allow online amendments in My Account


" Fantastic service from scan. I made a mistake on my order at 1am in the morning on the despatch date i realised. Some other component websites have the ability to ammend orders from the website. Scan doesn't have this feature, which at the time was slightly annoying. However i sent an e-mail there and then and i phoned in at 10:30 just to check the order was going to be ammended before dispatch. I spoke to a very helpful lady and she had already made the adjustment and it was all despatched the same day. Like I said it was a fantastic service, but i could of done with the ability to ammend online.

Stuart Daniels "

Scan's Action

" We appreciate Stuart's suggestions for a facility to amend your pending order online and we will look into ways we can feasibly accomodate this suggestion. We have always preferred the "human touch" and invested in our support team to perform such tasks as amending orders, where other companies preferred to go more automated and save their overheads. One of the main reasons why we never made efforts to develop this feature on our website is because we believe we are able to offer a more personal service to our customers if they have a human being to speak to or email! That said, perhaps it's time we reviewed this mindset and offered an online amendment facility to our customers to run alongside our customer service team. That way, as Stuart quite rightfully pointed out, people who order outside of office hours don't have the hassle of having to ring up to get their order amended and could quickly do it themselves there and then. Watch this space for developments!

On a closing note we'd also like to say how pleased we are to hear that Stuart found our Customer Support Team friendly and helpful - it's the nod of appreciation like this which make all our efforts worth while!

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "