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  • Posted : 28/08/2006
  • Name: Leigh Rogers
  • Subject: exceptionally pleasing to see that Scan are listening to their customers


" Evening folks.

Just a quick suggestion.

I am increasingly ordering more and more things from Scan, at least 5-6 orders a week but I'm hoping to increase my sales and inevitably increase my orders to Scan.

The single biggest thing that Scan could do to facilitate this and increase my orders is to provide a payment method through paypal.

As I'm sure your aware its relatively simple to set up and nearly as simple to integrate into your site (Of which I'm sure the web team could do easily :-D)

It would appear more companies are providing paypal as a payment method, indeed several of my other suppliers do.

Is it something that Scan would consider?

On another note, the new delivery pricing scheme is excellent. The units I normally order have dropped in delivery cost by nearly £5 each. Which means I make an additional £5 on every unit and makes it all the more worthwhile. I know its something that people have commented on before and its exceptionally pleasing to see that Scan are listening to their customers and taking action were possible. Thank you very much :-) I feel like a valued customer :-D

Especially after speaking to David in your customer care team - top bloke - always sorts my problems with the minimum of hassle.

Many thanks


------------Scan Employee Ref--------
David - customer care "

Scan's Action

" It's a good suggestion about us implementing Paypal as a payment method but unfortunately not feasible for us at this time. The payment method which we currently use is the most secure on the industry and we would not be able to logistically fit Paypal into the strict Fraud Prevention system that we have in place.

That said, we'd like to say a really big thank you to Leigh for such positive comments about our Customer Service staff and our new delivery pricing structure. We worked really hard to get that in place and try to make things better for our customers and we did it using feedback from customers. Indeed most of our improvements as a company are based on customer and staff suggestions and it's really encouraging to get some positive feedback about this. So thank you Leigh for your support and kind comments - we look forward to your custom in the future! :)

Roxane Wilkinson.
Customer Service Manager. "