The Word

  • Posted : 30/08/2006
  • Name: Ray Upstell
  • Subject: More order info in My Account


" Given your current work load, it would be helpful to me if under My Account it was possible to view currently outstanding orders. Allowing me to see when elements of the order are assigned and what is still pending. This would permit me to check status on-line and not need to chase support staff.

Hope this suggestion helps.

Ray. "

Scan's Action

" Ray's suggestion is a great one and it's something which we've been looking into for some time. There are a lot of developments going on at the moment in our despatch system and so we should be able to address this suggestion soon.

One thing we would mention here is that our response time to calls and queries logged through our website has gone back to it's normal high standard now, despite the unexpected volumes of the last few weeks so you should find us easily accessible and prompt if you do need to chase your order.

Watch this space for developments and thanks for your feedback! :)

Roxane Wilkinson.
Customer Service Manager.

*****Update 10/11/06******

We are pleased to report that Ray's suggestion has now been acted on and implemented. We hope that it helps! :)

Roxane Wilkinson.
Customer Service Manager.

***************************************** "