The Word

  • Posted : 06/10/2006
  • Name: Luke Usherwood c/o Process Systems Enterprise LTD
  • Subject: web suggestions


" Your ordering process would be greatly enhanced by:

1. A text field where we can paste in a list of Scan product codes and they all appear at once in the shopping basket. (And a list of errors - i.e. codes that do not match).

2. On individual product pages, providing link(s) to the product's category. For example if I type in "LN11461" and find that that hard-drive is out of stock I would ideally like to see a "breadcrumb trail", e.g.:

Home > hard-drives > SATA > 250Gb-320Gb

to immediately find other equivalant products that are in stock. Your tool to "Find Similar Products" is very good - but doesn't beat a simple breadcrumb trail. Even a single link to the product's main category would be sufficient:

Category: Harddrives SATA 250Gb-320Gb

Luke Usherwood "

Scan's Action

" These are great suggestions by Luke and we're pleased to say that we have been able to act on them. In your "View Basket" screen you will now see that there is a field where you can "Quick enter" the products you want to order, if you know which Ln numbers you want. We hope this helps, and we will try to work on Luke's other suggestion of displaying "breadcrumbs" for products.

Roxane Wilkinson.
Customer Service Manager. "