The Word

  • Posted : 01/12/2006
  • Name: Robert Hill
  • Subject: Scan website to work correctly on PDA operating systems.


" Webmaster,

As a frequent Scan customer, I was rather amused that Scan's website actually works on my Windows Mobile MDA Pro phone. That is, until you actually try to BUY something...all the pages work, the images display fairly well, you can log in - but the final green Proceed button during the checkout process is the ONLY thing that refuses to work. Tried it a couple of times, a couple of ways - nada. Finally had to resort to phoning in an order.

But that one little Proceed button on the checkout process could be fixed...and I'm sure you will get other customers wanting it.

Robert "

Scan's Action

" This is a great suggestion from Robert and we would like to assure everyone that this is something we're already aware of and working on in the background. Watch this space! :)

Roxane Wilkinson.
Customer Service Manager. "