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  • Posted : 25/01/2007
  • Name: Tsun Holt Wong
  • Subject: You need more product & order tracking info on the website


" This is my first time ordering stuff from Scan after getting many recommendations from enthusiast friends. So far the experience has been well above average and my endless stream of order queries were answered very quickly thanks to Azura in customer service. Great service!

But I just a few suggestions which would really make shopping on this site into a great experience:
Many of the component details on the website are sparce and lacking in alot of important details like warranties and specs. Even some of the ones that I would have thought were popular like the new 8800 graphics cards. Many of them lack warranty information which I had to directly ask Scan sales for. They told me promptly, but Scan could easily just fill in the gaps and customers wouldn't have to ask. I really like the split sections of warranty, details, manufacturer etc. But it really needs to be completed. Then the products part of the site would be perfect!

Another suggestion relates to some previous comments by other customers.
I'm ordering a full set of PC components so of course, the order has rather alot of items in it. As such, some of them are bound to be out of stock. Now it would be great if nothing was ever out of stock but that would just be unreasonable. What would be amazing, and reasonable, would be to display information in "my account" on which items have already been picked and which items are still overdue so I can tell what is holding back my order and perhaps cancel or change some items if I'm in a hurry.

Scan has really impressed me with price, usability and service so far. If they act on the above two suggestions then I personally think Scan would be perfect and I wouldn't even consider buying from elsewhere.

Just a side note: I tried using my SE Z610i 3G phone with Opera mini to look at products on Scan during my long train journeys and was happily surprised to find that it worked really well! I do some web designing my self and I have to say kudos to the Scan webmaster/mistress for putting together a site that still works well on the tiniest of screens!

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Azura "

Scan's Action

" We'd like to sincerely thank Tsun for taking the time out to send us such detailed and helpful feedback. It's comments like this which help us really focus on the areas that need our attention and make things better for our customers.

There's a lot of developments in progress at the moment in our stock control & allocation system which will dramatically improve the way we pick and despatch orders. We also have some pretty exciting changes in progress on the website which should encompass many of the suggestions here regarding information on the website against products and order tracking.

Watch this space over the next few months! :)

Roxane Wilkinson.
Customer Service Manager. "