The Word

  • Posted : 27/08/2005
  • Name: Mrs Lisa Hall
  • Subject: Grade B sent in error


" Mrs Hall bought some 256Mb Micron memory but when she recieved it she noticed that it showed some signs of wear. "

Scan's Action

" Having investigated this matter further we discovered that the memory Mrs Hall recieved was indeed a Grade B product, which should have been booked into a seperate Grade B area in our warehouse. Due to an error by a member of our warehouse staff, this memory was sold on as new by mistake. We brought this issue to the attention of the staff involved and changed one of our internal warehouse procedures to prevent the likelyhood of this mistake being made again. We then emailed Mrs Hall to confirm that the memory was Grade B delivered to her in error, and offered a series of options to resolve the issue. Mrs Hall requested a collection and refund, which we arranged immediately. This was her email to us:

Hello Roxane,

Thank you for you prompt response and your apologies for the mistake in sending me the wrong memory.

Also thank you for the offer of the reduction in price, however I would like to return the memory in this instance. I appreciate that it has been put through your testing procedure but I feel better in the knowledge that I was using a new part.

I have been very impressed with Scan's overall service and accept that sometimes mistakes do happen, therefore I will be most certainly be using Scan in the future to purchase my PC equipment.

Please would you let me know what I need to do so that I can return the memory.

Many Thanks

Paul Merchant
(On behalf of Lisa Hall)
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