The Word

  • Posted : 31/08/2005
  • Name: Jules Marshall
  • Subject: WOW! What a difference 3 years makes.


" Hiya Scan

WOW! What a difference 3 years makes. The last time I ordered from you it was a complete nightmare and I vowed never to use Scan again.

I'm pretty easy going and forgive and forget is my motto so I placed an order yesterday and I am very pleased with the results. Emails detailing the whole process, tracking numbers and a fantastic courier website too.

Well done. I am very very impressed.


Jules "

Scan's Action

" We have entered this feedback in our constructive criticism section as we feel it reflects the changes and improvements to our service over the last few years. The ongoing developments with our logistics and investments made in our staff has enabled us to continue pushing our service forward over the years. Most of the changes have come about as a result of staff and customer feedback which is incredibly important for us.

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "