The Word

  • Posted : 06/07/2007
  • Name: Martin Clayton
  • Subject: Suggestion for automated emails


" Hi,

Just a minor suggestion as this is my first order...

It would be slick if the despatch email confirmation gave a direct link to the City-Link tracking system, e.g.,

| AQP26638
| Number Of Parcels: 1
| * You can track the status of your delivery by Citylink using their
| online parcel tracking service -


Martin "

Scan's Action

" Hi Martin,

Great suggestion and in fact we're pleased to say that we are in the middle of reviewing the wording for all our automated emails at the moment. We'll be sure to include the link for Citylink's website and thanks for your helpful feedback.

Watch this space! :)

Roxane Wilkinson.
Customer Service Manager. "