The Word

  • Posted : 11/07/2007
  • Name: Anthony Pearce
  • Subject: Stock problems


" Well, that's the second order I've cancelled with you. Each time your Website shows in-stock, you take payment immediately then take until the delivery date to inform me that you don't have stock and in the first case that the item is discontinued. Sort this out or you will lose customers!! "

Scan's Action

" We appreciate everything Anthony has said and indeed we sent him an email to explain all the building work and changes which we are making at the moment to resolve these isolated stock issues we have had. We recieved this nice reply from him:

Hi Roxanne,

Thank you very much for your e-mail. I am impressed with Scan's immediate response to my criticism and am happy that you have taken it seriously and are working to improve these areas.

I am pleased to say that my faith has been restored and I will continue to use Scan in the future.


We'd just like to say thanks once again to Anthony for his feedback - we have taken everything he said on board and we assure him that all these issues will be resolved very soon after our warehouse project is completed. Watch this space! :)

Roxane Wilkinson.
Customer Service Manager. "