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  • Posted : 06/08/2007
  • Name: Mike Cowing
  • Subject: Return for Refund - Refused


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Customer Comment Details
I set myself up in business in May and have been incredibly busy, infact working away from home for the last 5 weeks. Admittedly I should have returned the memory before, but it's still in the cut-off packaging so it's obviously not been used. So when I get told that it's tough and £370 of memory is now totally useless to me is a little hard to swallow.

I have been a customer with yourselves for a number of years and buy almost all of my hardware from yourselves.

If this were something that I could have used, or benefitted from in some way I could fully understand this decision, but I feel it's a little draconian in this instance.

I urge you to reconsider this decision given the circumstances and the items in question. I await your response.

Mike... "

Scan's Action

" We appreciate Mike's feedback, however, due to the length of time he had the memory we are unable to accept them back for refund. We allow 7 working days for the request to return products purchased that are not suitable for any reason, in line with current Distance Selling Regulations.

Whilst we will always do our best to be as flexible and co-operative to customers requests and of course we try to deal with each issue on it's own individual merits, please bear in mind that we also have to be mindful of ensuring a fair and consistent approach. The fact that this memory was delivered on 18th May 2007 and Mike contacted us for the first time to request a refund in August 2007 this represents the type of timescale we just cannot accept. It's also important to note that in 3 months that Mike had this memory it has come down in price right across the industry by approx £100, which means we would have a massive loss if we were to refund this in full.

We honestly don't believe that we have been unreasonable in the decision we made given the length of time involved but we do apologise for any frustrations Mike has had and hope that he can appreciate our position.

Returns Manager "