The Word

  • Posted : 09/08/2007
  • Name: Karl Harbour
  • Subject: Please set your HTML title for each page to the product description


" Hi, it would be great if the HTML TITLE of your product info pages was set to the product description, instead of just the generic "Computer hardware and software at amazing prices...".

When I bookmark product info pages, every single bookmark (by default) gets that same generic text. So when I go back to the bookmarks, it is very hard to tell which product each bookmark is for.

This makes shopping on a lot harder than it should be. Choosing the right mobo/gfx card etc is hard enough already! "

Scan's Action

" This is a great suggestion from Karl and we're pleased to say that it is something which we're working on right now. Watch this space and thanks for taking the time out to contact us with your suggestion! :)

Roxane Wilkinson.
Customer Service Manager. "